I'm a Lead Software Developer focusing on Fullstack Development, Frontend Development, Continuous Integration, and Mentorship. I love anything with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or BBQ Sauce in it. Here's a couple tasty treats I made.
Cerner Foundation Web Design & Development
Cerner Foundation
nhl-discord-bot Third-Party APIs
Healthe Foundations Web Design & Development
Healthe Foundations


10+ YOE Software Developer with skills involving fullstack/frontend development, continuous integration, and mentorship.

Web / App Design

When architecting a large or small project, I include each of these to the the scope of work, so a true modern website/app is built.

  • # Responsive Web Design
  • # Accessibility
  • # Performance
  • # Web APIs
  • # Web Components
  • # Progressive Web App

Web Development

Depending on the use case, I use a wide range of tools to handle a simple static site generator or a robust CMS for users to publish content.

  • # Node.js
  • # Netlify
  • # React
  • # Eleventy
  • # WordPress
  • # Ruby on Rails

Lead Dev Teams

Asking the right questions, thorough documentation, and keeping stakeholders involved are just as important as any line of code for a successful launch.

  • # Daily Scrums
  • # One-on-One Meetings
  • # Peer Programming
  • # Code Reviews
  • # Mentor
  • # Listen