Flow-State with Centered

Use Centered app to stay focused and be more productive at your desk.

Flow-State with Centered
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Working in a world where your attention span is prime real-estate for push notifications from social media, email, text messages, and instant messaging apps, you need a way to block it all out and stay on task. Ok, let me use the macOS "Focus" setting for notifications. Ahhh, here we go, no more distractions, and time to get work done.

It's 30 minutes later, and I've spent the whole time doing a deep dive on The Best of Chris Farley via YouTube. It's like I need something to keep me on-task. A voice... a reminder... a coach.

"Ready to dive in? Let's get flowin'." - Cassidy Williams

Thank you, Cassidy. My colleague and friend, but also my coach, who recommended Centered.app to me to solve this very problem that we face when working on a computer all day. If I do well, there are encouraging messages to keep me going. If I get off-track and start checking Twitter or email, I get yelled at, I mean, nudged to come back to my task. That's the core of what I need it to do for me, but it can do so much more. Here are some of the many features:

  • A coach of your choice to encourage you
  • Pomodoro technique for time management
  • An integrated todo list
  • A variety of music choices
  • Muted notifications
  • Nudges when you get distracted
  • Breathing exercises
  • A leaderboard
Dashboard of Centered App on macOS
Dashboard of Centered App on macOS

I don't shill for much but why not give it a try? Join me today and get a 14-day free trial of Centered PRO!