Announcing Discord-RSS

A new RSS Reader bot for Discord

Announcing Discord-RSS
Published on in Discord, RSS, Node.js, Svelte-Kit & Auth.js.

Announcing a fork of Discord-RSS using the latest versions of Node.js, Svelte-Kit and Auth.js. This unique tool will provide an innovative way to manage and share RSS feed content across Discord channels, with a focus on simplicity and speed.

Unique Features #

The new Discord-RSS bot boasts several unique features that will enhance the user experience and functionality.

Simple Web Management UI #

Using modern TailwindCSS, it incorporates a simple web management UI. This is a significant feature, as it allows non-technical users to easily manage the admin user interface. No coding skills are required. It eliminates the intimidation that often comes with managing technical platforms, making them accessible to a wider range of users.

Discord RSS Feed Manager Screenshot
Discord RSS Feed Manager Screenshot

User Mentions in Posts #

This new Discord-RSS bot also brings the addition of cleaner user mentions in posts. This feature enhances the functionality by showing the ownership of posts. It also provides instant notifications to the author when their post is shared.

Webhook Post Screenshot
Webhook Post Screenshot

Enhanced Logging #

The runner outputs more robust logs, which gives the bot better observability on the bot. This better helps to troubleshoot misconfigured, timed-out, or invalid RSS feeds with fun emojis. 🎉

Runner Logging via CLI
Runner Logging via CLI

Post to Any Channel Webhook #

The Node.js runner gives users the flexibility to post to any channel webhook. This is a notable improvement from most RSS integrations to Discord which limit you to just a channel or server. The webhook is only tied to a channel and not its parent server.

Power of Node.js, Svelte, and Redis #

The bot leverages the power of three key technologies: Node.js, Svelte, and Redis.

Svelte-Kit provides a host of great features out of the box. It offers fast setup, fast development, fast builds, fast page loads, and fast navigation[1]. At the same time, is a great way to learn with user docs integrated with a coding playground. This makes it straightforward to build and learn quickly. The coding sytax has an old-school "HTML written on Notepad.exe" feel to it, with HTML, JavaScript, and Svelte all in one file, but with tremendous flexibility. Meanwhile, Node.js is just a trusty way to have of a script runner digesting RSS Feeds via its built-in fetch API. The combination of these two technologies results in a high-performing and efficient tool.

Where do you store all the RSS feed meta? Since only an object of feeds is needed, a Redis instance is more than enough because it's a good caching layer, and it lacks complexity. Svelte-Kit can handle the rest with writable svelte/stores and redis/ioredis for a robust, performance-focused, and full-featured Redis client for Node.js[2].

Promoting RSS Feed Use #

The Discord RSS is not just a tool; it is a medium to promote the use of adding RSS feeds for personal and professional blogs. By integrating this tool, Discord users can easily promote their latest blog posts. Adding an RSS feed to their blog ensures that their content can be easily added to Discord RSS, thereby increasing visibility and engagement.

Open-Sourced #

The best feature of all is that this is available to anyone! Self-host this repo on a VM or locally and get it integrated with your own Discord server. Bug issues and features are welcomed too. Check it out:

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